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Photo: The Adobo Chronicles
Photo: The Adobo Chronicles

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – It happens to many world travelers. They cross the International Dateline and arrive at their destination jetlagged, sometimes for days.

Now the good news: researchers at the University of the Philippines (U.P.) Medical School have finally found a cure for jetlag and all along,  it has been in the market for many decades. We’re talking about San Mig Light, the 100-calorie version of the Philippines’ signature premium beer, San Miguel.

Just a 330 ML bottle of San Mig Light instantly makes jetlag go away, depending on the severity of one’s affliction. For severe cases of jetlag, it could take up to three bottles of the poplar beer to be effective.

The U.P. research study involved 500 mildly to severely jetlagged travelers arriving in Manila from countries in Europe and North America.

Ninety percent of those who were mildly jetlagged got instantly better after consuming just one bottle of San Mig Light. Ninety three percent of the severely jetlagged got better after three beers.

The researchers also experimented with other beer brands as well as the regular San Miguel beer, but did not have the same results, “so there must be something in San Mig Light that’s doing the trick,” they said.

Immediately after the results of study were released, stock prices of San Miguel Corporation, makers of San Mig Light, more than tripled at the Makati Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, the Manila-based University of Santo Tomas Medical School, considered the oldest Catholic University in all of Asia, announced it was launching a clinical study to find out whether San Mig Light can cure insomnia.