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imageHollywood, California (The Adobo Chronicles ) – ‘The Little Mermaid’ turns 25 today, and Disney Films has a grand plan to continue the animated film’s journey into the next 25 years.

On the eve of the film’s silver anniversary, Disney announced it has started filming the sequel to ‘The Little Mermaid.’ It is expected to be released on Memorial Day of 2015.

The new film will follow the aquatic journey of the mermaid as she enters her adult years. Disney promises that the film will enthrall kids and adults alike. “Audiences from every street corner of the world will fall in love with the adult heroine, Lady Starbucks,” a spokesperson said.

Lady Starbucks, the next generation Little Mermaid
Lady Starbucks, the next generation Little Mermaid

As a promo for the upcoming film, Disney also announced that anyone who  possesses a Starbucks gift card with at least $25 in it, will be entitled to free admission (for two) to a screening of the movie at any theater.

Watch out for the new Little Mermaid poster and promo details at a Starbucks near you.