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imageSeattle, Washington – CenturyLink Field, the Seattle Seahawks’ home stadium, seats 67,000 people, but Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers will play to just half capacity, thanks to the Seahawks’ brilliant idea not to sell tickets to anyone whose billing address has any zip code in California.

Seahawks fans are notoriously the noisiest football fans in all of th US of A. They seemed threatened by the equally passionate 49er fans, so they were hoping to shut out the latter from watching the game live in Seattle. The winner of this game moves on to the Superbowl.

CenturyLink Field is poised to lose millions of dollars from the expected half capacity,  not to mention lost revenue from beer and hotdog sales. A brilliant plan that backfired.

Meanwhile, sports bars and other venues in California that will show the game on their large screen TVs are in for brisk business on a Sunday preceding a holiday (Martin Luther King) .

Go 49ers!


A 49er fan showing his adoration on his t-shirt (file photo)
A 49er fan showing his adoration on his t-shirt (file photo)

Seattle, Washington – Just hours after their 23-10 win over the Carolina Panthers, majority of the team players of the San Francisco 49ers defected to Seattle. This stunning development all but maimed 49er fans and doused ice-cold water over the prospect of seeing their team in this year’s Superbowl.

With not enough players on the 49er team, the NFL declared the Seattle Seahawks the de facto winner in the NFC championship finals, originally scheduled for next Sunday.

It wasn’t clear how many players defected but 49er coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed to The Adobo Chronicles that he does not have enough players to make it to the playoff next week.

One of the players who defected spoke to the media just outside the 49er locker room at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, said that the defection was in protest against the 49er move from San Francisco to the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.  The $1.3 Billion stadium is set to open in August this year.

The player, who asked that his name not be used in media reports, said that all his teammates did not want to leave San Francisco.  “We are the San Francisco 49ers, not the Santa Clara 49ers,” he exclaimed with a tear in his left eye.

The NFL has scheduled a press conference about this development on Monday at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.


111813_NFL2Seattle, Washington – The Seattle Seahawks, one of U.S. National Football League teams favored to advance into this season’s Super Bowl, chalked up their 10th win last Sunday as it defeated the Minnesota Vikings. But that was not the headline.

Seahawks  player Doug Baldwin, who is part Filipino, carried the Philippine flag as his team entered the football stadium.  By doing so, the Seahawks all but declared war on behalf of the typhoon-ravaged country. The four-color Philippine flag has a red stripe and a blue stripe.  During peace time, the flag is always carried or displayed with the blue stripe on top.  The red stripe on top signals that the country has declared or is at war.  Baldwin carried the flag with the red stripe on top.

The Seahawks explained that the Philippines is “fighting the devastation of Haiyan which has been worse than many war-torn regions of the world.” Many thought the explanation was lame and undiplomatic.

To make amends, the team signed a pledge that it will send all its players to the Philippines to fight alongside that country’s army should it be involved in any military war now or in the future.  But the ever-forgiving Filipinos suggested instead that the Seahawks send its entire team to Tacloban City to help with relief and reconstruction efforts immediately after the Super Bowl. That is, assuming the team will make it to the Super Bowl.