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NRA Paid Sarah Palin $2M To Wear What She Wore At Trump Endorsement Rally

Palin at a Trump rally in Iowa
Palin at a Trump rally in Iowa

AMES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – The Washington Post is reporting that Sarah Palin returned to center stage of a presidential campaign yesterday, a few years older but still wearing her signature rimless eyeglasses. Her auburn hair is bouncier. And her keen ability to capture the spotlight is not at all diminished. The former Alaska governor was in Ames, Iowa, to endorse GOP front-runner Donald Trump. She did so wearing a black pencil skirt topped off with a mini-black cardigan studded with what resembled needle-thin, glistening stalactites. On television, as all that black blurred together, she looked a bit like she was wearing a bedazzled choir robe. She even shouted out for a “Hallelujah!”

But our fashion reporter for The Adobo Chronicles noticed something that nobody else did.

Buried in those stalactites were patches and transparent bags of bullets, a no-nonsense political statement about the Second Amendment which both Trump and Palin are strong advocates for.

Upon further investigation, we found that that Palin was paid by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to wear what she wore at the rally.

Palin’s take? $2 Million!

It wasn’t clear whether the bullets were live or just empty shells.  Palin has not returned our phone calls.



BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Endorsed Sarah Palin For VP

Palin for vice president, the second time around
Palin for vice president, the second time around

AMES, Iowa (The Adobo Chronicles) – If you are one of those people who wondered why Sarah Palin would endorse someone like Donald Trump to become president of the United States, wonder no more.

It’s the economy, stupid.

You invest so that you gain.

Lo and behold, Palin scored a huge return on her investment in less than 24 hours after she endorsed Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa.

Today, the Republican presidential frontrunner returned the favor and endorsed Palin to become the next vice president.

“She may have failed the first time,” Trump said, “but times are a-changing.  American voters are now more open to electing stupid people like myself.  If I win the nomination, I know whom I will pick for my vice presidential running mate. A Trump-Palin  team would be unbeatable!”

Birds of the same feather tend to flock together. And they dream big together, too.