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Ted Cruz Plans To Meet With Philippine Presidential Candidate Grace Poe Over Citizenship Status

Cruz, left, and Poe
Cruz, left, and Poe

DALLAS, Texas (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz has found an unusual ally in the Philippines — Senator Grace Poe.  Both senators are candidates for president in their respective countries and are facing questions about their citizenship status and their eligibility to run for office.

Poe is facing disqualification cases before the Philippine Supreme Court by virtue of her being a foundling. Her political rivals claim that she is not qualified to run for president because she has not established her being a natural-born citizen.

Cruz, on the other hand, who was born in Canada to a Cuban-Canadian father and American mother is facing the wrath of birther Donald Trump, the frontrunner in the Republication contest for nomination to be the GOP presidential candidate. Trump has threatened to sue Cruz over his non-citizenship candidacy.

The Adobo Chronicles just learned that Cruz is planning to fly to Manila this weekend to personally meet with Poe. While the Cruz campaign has not disclosed the purpose of the meeting, many are speculating that both candidates will discuss strategies to deal with birther and citizenship issues they face in their respective quest for the presidency.

The Adobo Chronicles will follow Cruz as he crosses the Pacific Ocean to meet with Poe.  Stay tuned.



Birther Issue: Donald Trump Goes After Ted Cruz And The Philippines’ Grace Poe

Top left, clockwise: Cruz, Poe, Trump, Obama

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is undeniably a birther: he has continuously questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship, claiming the president was born in Kenya and should not have been qualified to run for U.S. president.

Fast forward to 2016.

Trump is running against Senator Ted Cruz who appears to be the greatest threat to the billionaire’s quest for the presidency.  Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban-born father and American mother.  That, according to Trump, does not make the senator a ‘natural-born citizen’ which is a primary qualification to become president of the United States.

Trump has also turned his attention to the Philippines which is holding its own presidential elections in May this year.  One of the leading candidates is Senator Grace Poe who faces questions about her being a ‘natural-born citizen’ on the grounds that she is a foundling , adopted by film actors Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces, and whose biological parents remain unknown to this day.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles why it matters to him who gets elected Philippine president, Trump said, “If I become U.S. president, I  cannot be dealing with a foreign leader who is not legitimate.”

He added: “Grace Poe is either a natural-born citizen or is not. And if the answer is no, then as U.S. president, I do not have any business recognizing her as a fellow head of state.”

Do we see a budding alliance between Ted Cruz and Grace Poe?


imagePARIS, France (The Adobo Chronicles) – U.S. President Barack Obama has finally broken his silence over the Philippine presidential race that’s turning out to be the most controversial ever in the political  history of the former American colony.

Speaking to reporters in Paris where he is attending a world summit on climate change, Obama said, ‘I have been informed that a division of the Commision on Elections has ruled to disqualify Senator Grace Poe from running for president on citizenship grounds. The popular senator and frontrunner in national polls is a foundling and is facing several disqialification complaints claiming she is not a natural-born citizen.  Like in the U.S., only natural-born cirtizens can run for president.

I feel you,’ Obama said about Poe, ‘because I have been in the same boat.’

Througout his presidential career, Obama has been dodged with accusations that he was born outside of the U.S., despite having released copies of his Hawaii birth certificate.

“I know the truth will eventually prevail, and that those who seek to discredit you will realize that they are making a huge mistake.’

Upon hearing of Obama’a comments, Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump, a known birther, instructed his campaign staff to look into the cases against Poe so that he can make his own statement about the Philippine presidential race.

‘As a candidate for president, I have to show my supporters and the American voters that I have the capacity and commitment  to deal with foreign affairs, especially if it involves the birther issue,’ Trump said. ‘If Poe cannot show proof she was born in the Philippines, I will personally oppose her candidacy as well.  If I am president of the United States, there can only be one American president.’ (Poe’s opponents are also claiming that by virtue of her dual citizenship, she is an American citizen.)