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pope-francis-child-1Sao Paulo, Brazil (The Adobo Chronicles) – In Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines and other Catholic countries around the world, scenarios akin to the biblical Noah’s Ark were seen in many churches today, thanks to a pronouncement by Pope Francis during his regular weekly address at St. Peter’s Square in The Vatican.

The pope said that all animals go to heaven, as he tried to comfort a little boy who was upset about the death of his pet dog.

The Catholic Church and other religious groups have always maintained that animals, unlike human beings, have no souls and as such do not have “life after death.”

Upon hearing of the pope’s announcement, Catholics around the world flocked to their churches, tagging along their pet animals — from dogs and cats, to birds and snakes.  They were one in fervent prayer that they and their furry, feathery and slimy friends will be reunited with them in heaven when they leave this mortal world.

It wasn’t even a Sunday, the traditional day of the week when Catholics attend mass and services at their churches.  Church and parish officials are reportedly bracing for overcrowding and chaos as Catholics — and their pets — attend services this coming Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent.  It will be a scenario repeated over and over in many countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

With close to 127 million Catholics, Brazil has more Catholics than any other country, and 11.7 percent of the world’s Catholic population. Brazil is followed by Mexico (96 million), Philippines (76 million), United States (75 million), Italy (49 million), Colombia (38 million), France (38 million), Poland (35 million), Spain (35 million) and Democratic Republic of the Congo (31 million).