VP Sara Duterte To Darryl Yap: Stick To Film Making! (Video)

VP Sara Duterte calling Yap “Tambaloslos”

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) -Vice President Sara Duterte has had it with film maker Darryl Yap’s meddling in purely government affairs, especially goings-on in the presidential palace, Malacañang.

“We have enough trolls, gossip-mongers and purveyors of fake news, we don’t need a film director joining in the fray,” Duterte said.

In calling Yap a “tambaloslos,” the VP advised Yap to stick to what he does best — film making.

(“Tambaloslos” is mythical creature with a large mouth and penis found in Visayan, Bicolano and Mindanao folklore. The creature is believed to confuse and misguide people, making them lose their way or go around in circles.)

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