Philippines’ Department Of Tourism Unveils New Tourism Slogan!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – After more than a decade, the Philippines’ Department of Tourism slogan is all but worn out. Time for a re-branding!

That’s exactly what DOT did as it unveiled its new tourism slogan.

The new meme is “We give the world our best satire!”

The primary slogan image features a man in combat gear drinking coffee from an Adobo Chronicles mug in an undisclosed war zone.

The Adobo Chronicles is the only Filipino satire site listed in the world’s top 100. It is currently in 33rd spot!

Founded in 2013, AC has reached over 28 million viewers across the globe — a feat that all Filipinos should be proud of,” Tourism Secretary Maria Esperanza Christina Garcia Frasco said.

“Filipinos are known for their contagious smile and easy-going disposition, which are well represented in our new slogan,” she added.

DOT is also set to release its new tourism jingle to accompany the slogan. Give a listen:


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