Philippines Launches New Branding: “We Give The World Our Beast!”

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Fresh from the success of its latest branding, the Philippines will soon release a sequel to balance its tourism promotion across the globe.

While there were a sprinkling of critics of the new branding, “We give the world our best,” an overwhelming majority of Filipinos in the Philippines and overseas gave their 100% support for its positive message.

Now, the country’s Department of Tourism will launch a sequel that will hopefully silence the critics of the new branding.

Billboards and banners are now being mass-produced for distribution overseas. The new messaging will be seen in giant billboards, on trains and buses, and in newspaper and broadcast ads in London, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Rome, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona.

The new branding features none other than Nobel Laureate Maria Ressa with the underlying message of “We give the world our beast!”


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