When An Anti-Marcos Vlogger Turns Color Blind

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vloggers have their way of manipulating the news, as is the case with self-proclaimed investigative writer and anti-Marcoses Twitterer, Raissa Robles.

In a recent tweet, she posted a still photo of a protest in Pakistan.

(The unrest comes after former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested by paramilitary troops on charges of corruption, sparking a deadly outpouring of anger against the powerful military that has put the country on edge.)

In her tweet, Robles asked if the color of the Pakistan protests is pink.

The Adobo Chronicles engaged the services of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to determine the actual color of the photo and videos, sans enhancements, dramatic lighting or photoshop.

Lo and behold, AI returned to us the original photo showing the protesters in brown/beige!


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