Marcos To FilAm Critics: Come Home To A Better Philippines!

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – When Philippine President Bongbong Marcos challenged members of the Filipino community in Washington, D.C., to “come home to a better Philippines,” he had quite a few specific people in mind.

Among those Marcos was thinking of when he said those words were: certified Kakampink, millionaire Loida Nicolos-Lewis; TNT (tago ng tago) ex-Comelec Chair Andy Bautista, loudmouth Bb. Maharlika, the one person who waved the Gabriela USA banner at a protest in front of The White House, and about a dozen FilAms who were dragged out of a New York hotel where the Philippine President was meeting with the Filipino community earlier this year.

Marcos critics all.

Marcos told The Adobo Chronicles that he was serious about being a friend to all, enemies to none.

United we stand, divided we fail.


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