Filipinos: Copycats Or Great Entrepreneurs?

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Be always weary of the competition, especially when you’re in the Philippines.

Filipinos are known worldwide as copycats, er, entrepreneurs. They can turn tragedies into fortunes, and competition into advantage.

It is widely known that the American company McDonald’s always beats the competition, except the fat, stupid, happy bee, Jollibee.

Now, a Filipino businessman has found a way to challenge another giant American food chain, KFC which recently re-launched its “Double Down” chicken burger — all meat and no bun.

The local company called KepC just unveiled its answer to KFC’s Double Down: the all-bun, no meat burger!

It’s going to be a sure hit among dieters and vegetarians. Way to go, KepC!


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