#NasaanSiLeni Trends Online!

NAGA CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Naga City Bureau) – During the 2022 Presidential campaign, then Vice President Leni Robredo criticized her opponent, Bongbong Marcos for being always “missing in action” whenever he is needed. She claimed that in many calamities that hit the country, her Office of the Vice President was always “first on the ground.”

Never mind that in 2016, as typhoon Nina battered her home province of Camarines Sur, she was vacationing in America.

Fast forward to 2023, as typhoon Amang indundated Camarines Sur, many netizens are asking #NasaanSiLeni (Where is Leni) ? The hashtag has trended online!

But in fairness, Robredo was caught on camera waiting for the bus that would presumably take her to her home province to provide assistance to her fellow Bicolanos.


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