Netizens Give The Dalai Lama A Tongue-Lashing!

DHARAMSHALA, India (The Adobo Chronicles, Kuala Lumpur Bureau) – From India to the Philippines, from Canada to China, The Dalai Lama has received severe tongue-lashing on social media.

This, after a video taken last February surfaced on the Internet showing the Tibetan spiritual leader kissing a young boy and asking him to suck his tongue.

Many were disgruntled and condemned the action while others tried to defend and justify it.

This is not the first time that a spiritual leader figured in a controversy. American pastors have been criticized for monetizing their ministries while Roman Catholic priests have been accused of child molestation and other offenses.

One particular book, “Altar of Secrets,” authored by a Filipino, chronicles sex abuse, politics and money matters among the clergy in the Philippines.

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