Jim Paredes Feels Vindicated By The Dalai Lama

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – No human being is more happy than Jim Paredes after videos of the Dalai Lama spread across social media showing him sticking out his tongue before a little boy.

Many will recall that Paredes, a singer and certified Kakampink, became a viral sensation after a video of him sticking out his tongue and doing something else was leaked on social media.

Paredes told The Adobo Chronicles that to err is human, to forgive divine, adding that “if the Dalai Lama can stick his tongue out in public, why can’t I?”

The member of the band Apo Hiking Society says he feels totally vindicated as he stuck out his tongue one more time for posterity. (AC chose not to publish the photo reprise of Paredes’ tongue classic.)


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