Leni Robredo: Richard Heydarian Amazed At The Magic Of Filter

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Self-proclaimed political analyst Richard Heydarian just can’t keep his admiration for his Pinklawan idol Leni Robredo to himself. He had to proclaim it to the Twitter world.

In a recent post, Heydarian was shocked and awed at how technology can alter appearances, even for — in his words —ex-(“legitimately-elected) Vice Presidents and might we add, current overwhelmingly-defeated Presidential candidates.

Heydarian posted two photos of Robredo in what appeared to be a selfi amid cherry blossoms in Japan (or is it Washington, D.C.?). One photo showed the Robredo photo without filter and the other, with filter.

He described Robredo as “iba” (different).

Fortunately, the cherry blossoms were a delight to see in both photos.


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