Bb. Maharlika And Raissa Robles: From Mortal Enemies to Best Of Friends!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicle,Manila Bureau) – A few years back, when Raissa Robles was at the University of Berkeley to talk about her book, “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again,” she got an unexpected visit from a Los Angeles-based Duterte and Marcos defender, Maharlika.

The exchange between Maharlika and Robles consisted of trading accusations of lies and fake news from either party about the true happenings in the Philippines.

Fast forward to 2023 . . . Maharlika seemed to have been in a drastic transformation from a DDS/Marcos Loyalist to a bitter, rumor-mongering anti-Marcos crusader, utilizing her slapstick-style blog, complete with oversized eye glasses.

While Maharlika has caught the ire of many Pinoy netizens to gain the singular honor of “the most-hated Filipino Vlogger,” Robles has extended an olive branch to her which could lead to a new anti-Marcos Vlogging-in-tandem.

Politics and social media work in very mysterious ways!


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