Twitter Blue Ticks On Sale!

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – It is no longer a secret: Elon Musk has announced that the verified blue tick will now be available to Twitter account holders willing to pay $8 per month.

But there’s more to Musk’s announcement.

For the first 100,000 who will purchase the blue Tick, they will get not one, but two blue ticks. What a deal!

Our publisher availed of the promo and got his two blue ticks:

But what about those who refuse to pay up for their blue tick? A Twitter spokesperson told The Adobo Chronicles that they will instead get a black tick, as did self-proclaimed Filipino political analyst Richard Heydarian:

As did self-proclaimed investigative journalist Raissa Robles:

One thought on “Twitter Blue Ticks On Sale!”

  1. If only he will keep the Protection of civil rights freedom of speech true and alive in America then just maybe everything will come back as it once was, God Bless Elon Musk!


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