Maria Ressa Accuses Meryl Streep Of Racism

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was supposed to be a night of praise and tribute for Nobel Laureate Maria Ressa, with no less than Hollywood celebrity Meryl Streep introducing her during the award ceremonies sponsored by The Clooney Foundation.

But alas, the night turned from magical to embarrassing for the CEO of Philippine blogsite Rappler.

During her introduction, Streep said that Ressa could stay in the U.S. and seek asylum to avoid the conviction and court cases she is facing in the Philippines.

Reacting to Streep’s statement, Ressa said she felt insulted when the actress insinuated she was not an American citizen. (Ressa has dual citizenship — American and Filipino).

“Streep displayed the arrogance of many Americans who stereotype people of color (read: non-whites) as perpetual foreigners and invaders of the Great White Way,” Ressa told The Adobo Chronicles.

We tried to reach Streep for comment on Ressa’s accusation but were told by her secretary that she was busy filming her 75th movie of her lifetime.

The Adobo Chronicles publisher Rene Astudillo came to the rescue of Ressa by saying that Streep should brush up on U.S. Immigration Law.

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