Supporters Report Two Miracles At Leni Robredo Rally In Antipolo!

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal (The Adobo Chronicles, Antipolo Bureau) – No one thought of taking photos or videos — perhaps because of shock — but supporters of Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo reported witnessing not just one, but two miracles during the latter’s grand rally in Antipolo City yesterday.

According to online testimonies, it was raining very hard all day at the rally, drenching many of the attendees and fanatics. Then, all of a sudden, when Robredo took to the microphone to speak, the rain abruptly stopped, they said.

But there was another miracle reported by a young girl who was standing about 10 yards from the stage.

”Pagkatapos magsalita ni Leni, lumutang siya” she claimed. (After Leni spoke, she floated)

Robredo is known in campaign circles and on social media as ”lutang.” A floater.

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