The Exorcism Of Len-Len Rose Comes To Life!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles Manila Bureau) – Director Darryl Yap’s ” The Exorcism of Len-Len Rose” was a parody of what many believe to be real-life events involving Vice President and presidential aspirant Leni Robredo.

Sometimes parody imitates life, then sometimes life imitates parody. The latter happened recently when Yap’s fiction came to life.

The Adobo Chronicles just obtained a leaked copy of a photo of a real-life exorcism of Robredo.

The photo shows the Vice President being exorcised by the Catholic clergy. Notable in the photo was the fact that the bishop and priests performing the ritual were all wearing pink masks — the color of the Robredo campaign.

It is a well-established fact that members of the clergy wear pink only on two occasions during the liturgical year: once in Advent and the other during Lent.

Could it be that in the exorcism, the devil in Robredo possessed the clergy instead?

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