Move Over Lugaw, Here Comes Singanglaw

VIGAN, Ilocos Sur (The Adobo Chronicles, Vigan Bureau) – There’s no denying that Filipinos, especially the Ilocanos are tired of lugaw. They are now craving for sinanglaw, the Ilocano soup recipe consisting of beef innards (similar to pinapaitan.)

So move over, Leni “Lugaw” Robredo, here comes Bongbong “Sinanglaw” Marcos.

Last weekend, Ilocos Sur held what is believed to be the longest motorcade ever in the Philippines, when thousands and thousands of motorcycles trekked some 127 kilometers to show their support for their fellow Ilocano who is running for President in next year’s elections.

As one motorcade participant said in a post on social media, ”We don’t like lugaw. We like sinanglaw.”

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