Adobo Chronicles Fact-Checks Rappler!

THE FACTS: In one of its election fact checks, online news source Rappler belied claims that Vice President Leni Robredo has been disqualified by Comelec from running in the 2022 Presidential elections.

Rappler’s headline read: ”HINDI TOTOO: Robredo Diskalipikado na sa Halalan 2022, ayon sa Comelec.”

An exhaustive search by The Adobo Chronicles could not find the word ”diskalipikado: anywhere except in the Rappler report.

OUR FINDINGS: In its desperate effort to be relevant to Tagalog-speaking Filipinos, Rappler has begun publishing fact checks and reports in the national language. However, it failed miserably by not checking and double checking the existence of the word ”diskalipikado.,

The correct Tagalog word for ”disqualified” is ”diskwalipikado.”


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