Adobo Chronicles Poll: Practically 100% Of Respondents Say They’re Not Proud Of Maria Ressa’s Nobel Prize

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It may not be 4,000 cars, we mean respondents, but practically 100% of Filipinos say that they are not proud of Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The random Facebook poll was conducted by The Adobo Chronicles after the Philippine Daily Inquirer published an opinion piece saying that Ressa’s Nobel Prize should be every Filipino’s pride.

The AC poll asked respondents (207 as of press time) to comment with a thumbs up if they agreed with the Inquirer piece, or with a laughing emoticon if they disagreed.

The result: 203 of respondents replied with the laughing emoticon and only one responded with the thumbs up emoticon (which pretty much cancels itself because of the margin of error.) Three responses were considered void because they didn’t follow instructions. One commented with a tearful emoticon and two with an angry emoticon.

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