Leni Robredo Campaign In Big Trouble Over The Color Pink!

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vice President Leni Robredo’s camp may again change its signature color, after an international organization lodged a protest for the campaign’s use of the color pink.

The Robredo presidential campaign debuted the new color during the Vice President’s announcement that she was running for President in the 2022 Philippine elections. The VP changed colors from yellow to pink, a move seen by many as an abandonment of the ideals and memory of the Aquino family (Ninoy, Cory and NoyNoy) as well as the opposition Liberal Party which Robredo herself chairs.

Pink Ribbon International (pinkribbon.org) is a non profit organization dedicated to creating a global community to support breast cancer patients and promote awareness for breast cancer. One of its initiatives is ”Pink watch” in which it declares that it will publicly denounce situations that take advantage and misrepresents the pink ribbon symbol and its meaning.”

In her campaign launch, Robredo donned the pink ribbon — universal symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Rather than be humiliated and face trouble over the gaffe, the Robredo campaign said it will announce a new campaign color over the weekend.

Speculations are that Robredo could choose either violet or orange since red, white, blue and green have already been taken as campaign colors of other political parties and candidates.

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