Leni Blames Duterte For Low Peso Exchange Against The U.S. Dollar

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – Nothing that President Rodrigo Duterte says or does escapes scrutiny by Vice President Leni Robredo — from the war on drugs to the Administration’s Covid-19 response. The U.S. Dollar to PH Peso exchange rate is no exception.

Today, Robredo lambasted Duterte for the suffering being experienced right now by Filipinos who earn their living or pension in the American currency.

The VP said she commiserates with the U.S. dollar-earning Filipinos whose incomes have been greatly reduced.

“If I become President, one of my priorities in my first 100 days is to make sure that the U.S. dollar will command a much higher rate for the Philippine peso.

Looks like Robredo’s economic managers failed to brief her that a lower PH exchange rate for the US dollar actually means the peso is strong against the dollar and bodes well for the economy.

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