Baguio City To Home-Quarantine Citizens Aged 20-29?

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Beginning February 1, the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City, will be placed under the stricter General Community Quarantine, or GCQ.

Among the restrictions is that children under the age of 15 and seniors over 65 must stay home at all times except when engaging in essential activities or seeking medical services.

But a just-released study in shows that from March to December of 2020, those in the 20-29 age group comprised the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Baguio.

This alarmed city officials who are reportedly considering an amendment to the community quarantine rules. The proposed change would impose strict home quarantine for citizens and tourists aged 20-29.

Will it be time for children and seniors to rise and shine? And be finally set free? With proper use of face mask and face shield, plus physical distancing, of course.

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