Exclusive: the changes trump wants on the stimulus bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – The stimulus bill passed by Congress to help American citizens and businesses cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is now in limbo. This, after President Donald Trump called on Congress to amend the new legislation.

In an exclusive interview with a very reliable source close to the President, The Adobo Chronicles got a peek into the changes Trump is demanding.

First, he wants to include a provision that would give a life-time, tax-exempt status on all his personal business ventures. Not to mention an absolute pardon on whatever past tax obligations he owes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Second, he wants the $600 stimulus checks included in the bill to go only to the 70 plus million Americans who voted for him in last November’s elections. Those who voted for Biden and those who didn’t vote at all with get zero, zilch, nada.

Absent those changes, Trump says he will veto the bill.

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