SAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) – The California headquarters of The Adobo Chronicles is preparing a lawsuit accusing Sharon Cuneta’s daughter Kakie Pangilinan and blogger Francis Baraan IV for libel.

The complaint, to be filed simultaneously in California and Manila, alleges that Pangilinan and Baraan used their Twitter accounts to disparage the dignity and reputation of the satirical Adobo Chronicles. It stems from a post by AC regarding the Liberal Party’s line-up for the 2022 Senatorial elections in the Philippines. The post included Pangilinan and Baraan among the seven candidates to be fielded by the Opposition, to be named “Siete Palabras,” denoting all talk. (In the last Senatorial elections, LP fielded what they called the “Otso Diretso” none of whom made it to the elected Senate slate.)

In her Twitter post, Pangilinan called AC “bitch.” Baraan, on the other hand, called the AC post “fake news.”

It’s usually private citizens who sue the news media for libel (as in the case of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa who was convicted for cyber libel.) This time, it is the other way around — a news media (albeit satire) is suing private citizens.

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