Introducing: miss universe 2018 catriona garay

CARTAGENA, Colombia (The Adobo Chronicles, Miami Bureau) – A journalism graduate was crowned Miss Universe Colombia 2020 last Monday night. Laura Olascuaga, 25, of Bolivar, will be Colombia’s delegate to the Miss Universe 2020 pageant which will be held next year.

But the more exciting news was that the Philippines’ Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 who was one of the judges, was finally given her due as a “dual citizen.”

In her introduction, she was referred to as Australian-born who represented the Philippines in the 2018 pageant. Truth be told. She was born in Cairns, Australia.

But her surname was also misspelled as “Garay” instead of “Gray.” But all’s well that ends well. “Garay” sounds perfectly more Filipino than “Gray.

The Miss Colombia organization has since apologized.

As the queen that she is, Garay, we mean Gray, took everything in stride.

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