Filipinos can now sit one seat apart when riding public transportation on the way to the cinema where they must sit three seats apart.

The Filipinos’ favorite pastime, videoke is now banned from 7am to 5pm in deference to the parents who must attend online classes on behalf of their kids, as part of the new blended learning.

Cemeteries across the country will be closed from October 29 to November 4 to avoid overcrowding during the traditional Undas.  Many are praising the move, saying it will provide much-needed relief to the dearly departed.

Despite her frequent statements and appearances on Facebook Live, VP Leni Robredo’s trust and approval writing are at an all-time low. Her PR handlers vowed to make a drastic change starting with her next live video.  She will let her hair down and get rid of those nerdy glasses.  She will also change the color of her dress to flaming red.

The House of Representatives’ Speakership row has finally be resolved. Alan Cayetano knelt before the Lord in a pray-over.  All’s well that ends well.

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