Rappler, maria ressa throw in the towel on duterte

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – For the longest time, Maria Ressa and her online news source Rappler have propagated and maintained their rhetoric about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte being a “dictator.” They have fiercely criticized him for his war on drugs, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his alleged crackdown on dissent.

But unlike Ressa’s favorite quote about “a lie told a thousand times becomes truth,” numbers and the pulse of the Filipino people can only directly contradict Rappler’s anti-Duterte scripts.

The most recent Pulse Asia survey shows Duterte having a whopping 91% rating among the people in terms of trust and performance. No other world leader enjoys such rating.

Today, Rappler made a 360-degree turn, dropping its description of Duterte as a dictator and finally acknowledging that he is a populist and enjoys the overwhelming support of Filipinos.

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