Donald Trump Outlaws K-pop, TikTok In The U.S.

TULSA, Oklahoma  (The Adobo Chronicles, Tulsa Bureau) – President Donald Trump was confident he could fill the 19,000-capacity venue of his Tulsa political rally today. That did not happen. Not only was the venue just about half full, but the planned overflow outside was all but scratched.

So what happened?

K-pop fans, along with TikTok users, apparently sabotaged the rally at the BOK Center.

Political commentators deduced that K-pop fans as well as TikTok users had mobilized to reserve tickets to the rally with no intention of going.

Upon being informed of what happened, Trump immediately issued an Executive Order banning from the Internet in the U.S. anything that’s related to both K-pop and TikTok.

”That should give them a lesson,” the President said, “for being bad, very bad people.”

It wasn’t clear how The White House would see through the implementation of the order.

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