Effective Ways to Do Your Homework While Depressed

(Editor’s note: Occasionally, The Adobo Chronicles publishes guest articles on serious and important topics that we feel will benefit our readers.)


First of all, and it is essential for us to start with this information, if you are clinically depressed, you have to be supervised by your doctor. It doesn’t mean that you mandatory should take medication, but it certainly implies the Internet should not be the only source of information for you now. However, if you are already dealing with this state and need some more tips on how to operate your life right now, or you are just feeling down, without any specific diagnosis, this article can be useful.

Move with Baby Steps Only but Don’t Stop

Imagine that you are driving a stick in cold weather, and you need to get to the hill. You cannot go too fast — as there is a hill, and you cannot stop the engine completely, because it will be extremely hard to make it work again. So, you need to move slow and steady and maintain the pressure. You cannot expect your brain to be very productive by itself while you are depressed; it needs manual actuation. What is even more important, you have to do at least something productive daily. Otherwise, you will feel into a guilt-trap, which provoked more procrastination, which provokes more guilt, and it provokes not doing anything at all. So, don’t make huge plans, but follow the small ones you make.

Prioritize Healthy Eating and Exercises

Let’s say so if you are truly depressed, you cannot prioritize homework. You can prioritize other things, which will help you to have enough energy for homework or at least its part. Some of those things are healthy eating, fresh air, and exercises. Healthy eating is not for your shape, it is for your blood sugar level, which should not jump there and back, as it can only make the situation worse. Less processed food, fewer sweeteners, no energetic drinks, dark chocolate instead of bars, more vegetables, and protein — this should be your nutrition plan. It may sound rather boring, but we are not magicians here, you have to work to get results.

Exercises have multiple effects. First, they maintain the level of cortisol — the neuromodulator responsible for stress. Second, they help you to live the cycle of stress to the end. In our society, showing emotions is not the most common practice, and often we collect small unresolved stresses in our head. It is bad because we don’t have closure with negative situations. Sports, especially running and other active types, gives us that closure, and it helps to clear your mind very well.

Find a Support Group

Online and offline, there are lots of support groups full of people who temporarily experience the same difficulties as you. You can communicate with them, share your anxiety, offer help to others, and receive some assistance yourself. It is always very good to talk to people who understand what you are going through. If at some point you realize that you cannot deal with all the assignments on your own, don’t hesitate and ask for help. A simple “write my homework” request sent to a reliable writing service can solve many problems. You can find recommendations and feedback about such companies in support groups and just online. Of course, it should not become a common practice, but you can use this option from time to time to improve your situation with homework.

Lower the Bar and Reduce Your Expectations

Yes, it is not the most inspiring thing to read, but positive psychology doesn’t work in every situation. You should realize that if you are in a bad mental, psychological state right now, your goal cannot sound like “stellar educational results and perfect marks.” It is unrealistic and will only make you more sad and discouraged. Your goal right now should be “to cope with the situation and my education process at a sufficient level. Sufficient level doesn’t sound like something bad or intimidating. When you lower the bar, you can clearly see it and plan your activities more adequately. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should allow yourself just to be lazy, or not to be attentive in class.

In the case of depression or any other bad psychological state, you should not neglect to address professionals for help.

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