Robredo Writes Excuse Letter For Her Absence From Cabinet Meeting

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – When their children miss school, parents write an excuse letter to the teacher or principal.  When Cabinet members miss a meeting, they write an excuse letter to the President.

That’s exactly what Vice President Leni Robredo did today.  She missed what would have been her first Cabinet meeting as newly-designated Drug Czar last night.

Upon receiving the President’s memo warning her of a repeat absence from Cabinet meetings, Robredo immediately wrote an excuse letter to Duterte.

In her letter, she cited the traffic on EDSA which would have made her late anyway if she attended the meeting.

”I am sure Metro Manila commuters can empathize with me because they too have frequent experience commuting from Quezon City (where the VP residence is located) to Manila (where Malacanang is located).

”I promise to be present at the next meeting,” she said in her letter, adding, “I respectfully request an exemption from the anti-wang wang policy so that I can arrive at the meeting on time.”

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