Pro-Capital Punishment Philippine Senators Propose ‘Death In Tandem By Swing’

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manil Bureau) – In the 17th Philippine Congress, a measure seeking to reinstate the death penalty failed to pass the Senate despite it being one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s pet bills. 

In his fourth State of the Nation Address, Duterte renewed his call to bring back the death penalty for heinous crimes related to drugs and plunder.

Many Senators — mostly aligned with the Administration — are taking heed and have gone a step further by proposing a novel way of carrying out the death penalty.  They’re calling it “death in tandem by swing” (see photo).

Move over the electric chair, firing squad, and lethal injection.

Death in tandem by swing involves two convicts at a time being chained to a swing set up against a concrete wall.

(The Adobo Chronicles opted not to describe in detail what this involves. We leave everything to our readers’ fertile imagination).

In defending their proposal, Senate President Tito Sotto denies it is a cruel form of punishment and death. Rather, he thinks it is humane and allows the convicts some enjoyment in their last moments in this world.

“It will give the convicts some opportunity to reminisce the good old days of their early childhood when they were brought to a public playground by their parents.” Sotto said.

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