Facebook Suspends Adobo Chronicles’ Account Over Mock Film (No Longer Satire)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Apparently, it is not only Maria Ressa and Rappler who don’t get satire.  Neither does Facebook, and by extension, Mark Zuckerberg.

Yesterday, Facebook suspended the account of The Adobo Chronicles because of a FB post of a mock new film featuring ‘feuding’ major bloggers, Mocha Uson and Sass Rogando Sasot. The two have been exchanging barbs on their social media accounts over the SOGIE bill (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression.)

In its FB post, The Adobo  Chronicles satirized the feud by announcing a “new film” titled “The Sexy Dancer and the Tranny”  featuring Uson and  Sasot. It wasn’t  clear whether it was the “sexy dancer” or “tranny” that it considered hate speech. (Uson had been described as a “sexy dancer” by mainstream media and some social media bloggers while Sasot is a self-identified transgender woman.)

“Tranny”  may or may not be considered derogatory by the trans community, as evidenced by THIS.  Our sources also confirmed that many transgender women refer to themselves as “trannies” especially when talking amongst themselves. It is almost a “term of endearment” just like many gay men call each other “homos.”

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