Biko Prices In Pasig City Increase Two-fold

PASIG CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – First, it was allegedly banned from being sold or eaten in Pasig, but now, while it is abundant in the city’s public market, sidewalk stalls and even at mall food courts, biko, that popular Filipino delicacy is now commanding excessive prices.

The rice cake became the center of controversy in the days leading up to the May 13 elections since it was allegedly banned because it reminded voters of its namesake, Vico Sotto, candidate for mayor.

But now that elections are over and Sotto has been proclaimed the new mayor, biko prices have doubled.

What used to be a 12-inch bilao (round wicker tray) now sells for P300 compared to P150 prior to the elections. The prices of the 14-inch and 16-inch trays have also doubled.

The vendors we talked to said that the demand for this food item has increased significantly since Vico won in the elections and that consumers now consider it a great honor to have or consume biko in their households.

We guess we now know what Sotto’s first agenda will be on his first day as mayor.

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