Senator Trillanes Has A New Theory Regarding Bong Go’s Tattoo

EB78ADBB-1A1F-4796-BBCC-B001AFCE3813.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Allegations that Bong Go wears a tattoo on his back — proof of his involvement in the illegal drug trade — have all but gone down the drain after the former Special Assistant to President Rodrigo Duterte took off his shirt for the news cameras not once but twice.

But there’s no stopping the Opposition from insisting Go does have a tattoo.

Today, Senator Antonio Trillanes told reporters that Go’s tattoo is not on his back but on his underarm.

“Of course Go can take off his shirt anytime, and nothing will show, because his tattoo is hidden on his underarm,” Trillanes said.

So will Go now take off his shirt and raise his arm for the cameras to prove that the tattoo allegations are false?

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