Exclusive Interview With Leni Robredo On Maria Ressa

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – We recently ran into Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo while she was waiting for a provincial bus on her way back to her hometown of Naga City, and we asked for her thoughts on Rappler CEO Maria Ressa.

Here’s a full transcript:

AC: Ma’am, some 43,000 Filipinos recently signed an online petition asking the Department of Justice to revoke the dual citizenship of Maria Ressa for alleged violation of the law. Any comments?

Robredo: Kaunti lang yan (that’s not a whole lot). That’s just 43 x u100.

AC: What are your thoughts about Ressa being arrested multiple times?

Robredo: Hindi naman natin sinasabi na bigyan ng special treatment. Pero iyong sa atin lang, kung nagkasala, eh ‘di kasuhan para panagutin kung may pagkakasala, pero ito kasi, parang nakikita natin na sini-single-out. (We’re not saying to give her special treatment. But as far as I am concerned, if she broke the law, cases should be brought against her and penalize her if found guilty, but it seems she is being singled out.)

AC: Ma’am, but cases WERE brought against her. That’s the reason she had warrants of arrest.

Robredo: Ah, uhm, ah…. No more questions. Magmerienda na lang tayo (Let’s just have some snacks.)

(End of interview)



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