Adobo Chronicles Fact Check: Leni Robredo’s Viral Fake Photo


80B4BED9-DA91-454B-946D-402F8DBF75D0MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – A photo of Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo receiving a gift painting of herself from a cadet has gone viral on social media. The painting shows an unimpressive and not-so-complimentary face of the VP.

Viral social media photo, left; photo from VP Robredo’s social media account, right

In fairness to the painter-cadet, The Adobo Chronicles conducted an investigation and expert analysis of the said photo. Here are our findings:

  • We found what seems to be an unaltered version of the viral photo in Robredo’s social media account and we compared the two photos
  • We noticed that the two photos didn’t show the same cadet
  • The uniforms worn by the cadets in the photos were starkly different. Come on, look that oversized cader cap in the viral photo
  • Robredo wasn’t wearing the same dress in the two photos
  • In the viral photo, there is an electric wire hanging on the wall leading up to the room behind Robredo and the cadet
  • The viral photo featured several photobombers whereas none were seen in Robredo’s official photo
  • As for the gift painting, we could not confirm the authenticity of either the one in the viral photo or the one in the official photo. (Hey, we’re not perfect. We’ll leave the fact-checking on the paintings to Rappler and Vera Files)

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