Leni Robredo Names Anonymous Social Media Accounts That She Says Should Be Banned

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Even our own headline is a misnomer.  How can anyone name someone who is anonymous? But that’s exactly what Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo tried to do when she released an initial list of what she believes are “anonymous social media accounts peddling fake news.”

Robredo has called for legal sanctions against such accounts. She said that while journalists and others can be charged criminally for libel, slander and related crimes by pedlding lies, falsehood peddlers on social media under anymymous accounts should be held accountable just as much.

Robredo’s initial list of ‘anonymous’ accounts include:

  • Thinking Pinoy (R.J. Nieto)
  • For the Motherland (Sass Rogando Sasot)
  • Luminous (Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan)
  • Pol Pinoy (Politikal Pinoy and Adobo Chronicles)
  • Pinoy Ako Blog (Jover Laurio)
  • Reyna Elena (Edwin Jamora)
  • Maharlika (The Office of the Vice President is still running a background check on this account)

When asked by reporters if she meant “pen names” instead of “anonymous” account holders, she replied “Anonymous, and I’m sticking by it!”

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