Analysis: How Philippine President Duterte Is Different From U.S. President Trump

Both are Presidents, and very controversial.  Both have critics as well as die-hard supporters.  But how different are Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte from each other?

Here, The Adobo Chronicles analyzes:

  • Trump is President of a developed country; Duterte of a developing country
  • Duterte won by a landslide popular vote; Trump lost the popular vote
  • Prior to being President, Trump has built fame and a huge  financial empire; Duterte has built a peaceful and progressive city as Mayor
  • Trump wants to repeal Obamacare; Duterte just signed a Universal Health Care law
  • Trump wants to build a wall; Duterte has opened his country’s doors to all people from the entire universe
  • Duterte has waged a war on drugs; Trump oversees a country where a vast majority of narcotics passes through its legal channels
  • Trump is a threat to social security; Duterte has made sure senior citizens and indigents are well taken care of
  • Duterte frequently jokes about women; Trump wants to grab them by the p*ssy
  • Trump sees China as a threat and an enemy; Duterte is friends with China
  • Trump now wants to cancel The White House  daily press briefings; Duterte just banned one reporter from Malacañang press briefings. Yes, that would be Rappler’s Pia Rañada
  • Trump has closed down the Federal government and is willing to do it again; Duterte has closed down Boracay for rehabilitation, and is willing to do it for Manila Bay and other destinations
  • Trump loves his Vice President; Duterte is still looking for a real Vice President
  • Trump may not be elected for a second term; Majority of Filipinos want Duterte President for life

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