Leni Robredo’s Idea Of Bail Amount For Imelda Marcos

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Vice President Leni Robredo, a lawyer, said today that the P150,000 bail granted to Imelda Marcos was a “mockery of the justice system.”

“Iyong 150,000 pesos na bail, napakaliit considering the enormity noong ninakaw. Pangalawa, barya lang iyon sa kaniya, eh,” Robredo said.

(The P150,000 bail is a small amount considering the enormity of what they stole. Secondly, that’s pennies to her.)

Post-conviction bail or bail while appealing a conviction in the lower-level courts like Sandiganbayan is permitted under the Rules of Court.  

The Adobo Chronicles spoke with Robredo and asked her what she thought would be an appropriate bail amount for Marcos.

Her response:

”Well, because Mrs. Marcos’ conviction came almost 30 years late, I think the bail should be multiplied 30 times.  P150,000 x 30 = P4.5 Trillion.”

Well, Robredo may be a laywer, but a mathematician she’s not.

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