Senator Trillanes Tests Negative For Drugs But Positive For Shrapnel During Brain Scan

148B44CC-285B-41A2-85EC-7D210DD9861AMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes has challenged the Dutertes to undergo drug testing after he obtained results of his own. Trillanes tested negative for illegal drugs.

But the Senator just tested positive for shrapnel during a brain scan performed at St. Luke’s Hospital as part of his annual medical checkup.

Digital images of his brain showed metal pieces the size of a tiny screw.

Doctors were puzzled about the discovery of the shrapnel because as far as they know, Trillanes, a military man, never engaged in actual combat. They confirmed, however that the foreign objects in the Senator’s brain could severely impair his mental functions. That is, if they haven’t already.

This looks like a case of the proverbial Filipino saying, ‘may turnilyo sa ulo’ (screw in the brain).


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