Guest Lenitorial: Edgy Is Your Sitting Veepee


by Leahquitur

She’s nervous up to her eyeballs – the sitting vice president. She is sittingly nervous. 😁 She is developing – no, contracting, ulcers. Her hold on the vice presidency, which can shame a tick to kingdom come, is less than tenuous. She opens her trap to the public and ouch! ouch! ouch! spews confirmations to her sketchy thinking threshold and an enormous helping of inanities. Lots of inanities – and there seems to be a lot more where this leni hogwash is coming from. LP – be nice, stop supplying her with stupid materiel!

So, georgina put a sanction order to shut. the. blazes. up! for five minutes. The infamous espeta five minutes – toutes les cinq minutes! Because everytime she opens her mouth, the robredawg sheman swallows a mouthful of her shit back in that may drown her lungs. They can’t have that.

After all, the LP and all of yellowblood kingdom had become our national comic relaxation. Who needs ritalin? Or potassium? Haah!

There is a cryonics quality that embalms all sense of shame in conjunction with this Frau. Deep in the bowels of her core, this feeling of shame is frozen, gelated in subzero conditions. If one notices something common to yellowbloods: shamelessness – in an imbroglio of proven disgrace, anomalous actions, corruption expertise. Take, for example, driloink, hindotveros, kiki kuneta, manang trillanes. Not to forget abnoy akino and the ever frail (bwa-ha-ha) sabadora vacationing behind swedish curtains! Remember her? She banged her subordinates. Uuyyyy!

Anyway, i digress.

I actually only wanted to tell you that once again the robredawg fled into her comfort zone: the echo chamber:

Morning, Echo.

Morning, Echo.

Are you good today?

. . . good today.

tell me. . .

tell me.

I was elected by smarmatic. I should be veepee till 2022.

. . . till 2022.

Yeah. Your* right.

Are you kidding?

– – –
* – remember, it’s the sitting veepee making convo!

That’s all for the echo room today, folks.
The sitting veepee can trigger the saddest ennui with her
convo that cannot negotiate the intricacies of existence, her existence.


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