Senator Leila De Lima Slams VP Leni Robredo For Her Statement About Leading The Opposition To Duterte

4576CFAB-CD33-477C-8755-80870DD7A8D2QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) –  In a media briefing on Tuesday, Vice President Leni Robredo said she is willing to unite opposition groups and take on the role as the movement’s leader.

“I have long since taken the role of [opposition leader]… Now there were initiatives of various groups to unite and they asked if I can lead. I said yes, but terms have to be discussed,” she said in Filipino.

Robredo, who is from the former administration Liberal Party, said it is her duty to unite the different voices in the prospective opposition coalition.

Upon hearing of Robredo’s statement, incarcerated Senator Leila De Lima slammed the Vice President and accused her of stealing the limelight from her.

”There is no political leader more worthy to lead the Oppostion against Duterte than myself,” De Lima said.

’What has Leni done, other than wait for something to happen to the President?  On the other hand, I am the true poster girl for  the Opposition.  I have opposed Duterte since he assumed office.  I am strong, principled and consistent.  I have received awards from international organizations. I am a better lawyer than Robredo, having passed the Bar on my first try,” De Lima told The Adobo Chronicles.

She added: “Leni should just stick to what she does best, serve merienda to news reporters.”

The Adobo Chronicles could not reach Robredo or her ghost writer Georgina Hernandez for comment.

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