Mae Paner, A.K.A. Juana Change, To Rappler And Vera Files: ‘Akala Ko Ba BFF’s Tayo?

F1FE214B-4E32-4F6D-9C17-4154EF7B82AA.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Mae Paner (also known as Juana Change) is outraged that her Facebook account has been deactivated.  It wasn’t clear whether it was because of her posts with the hashtag #babaeako, where she flaunted her pu** (Tagalog word for vagina), or because she was posting under a fake name which is against Facebook’s community standards.

Today, Juana Change sent private messages to Rappler and Vera Files, Facebook’s Philippine partners for fact-checking information on local social media.

”Akala ko ba BFF’s tayo,” Paner said in her message. “You’re supposed to be fact-checking pro-Duterte bloggers and netizens, not those who oppose this Administration.”

”How dare you not come to my rescue before your boss, Mark Zuckerberg when Facebook decided to deactivate my account,” Paner said.

The Adobo Chronicles tried to contacte Zuckerberg for comment, but apparently he is out of town over this Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.



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