VP Leni Robredo Fires Her Spokesperson Georgina Hernandez

B4F4CAE3-FFC0-4583-99ED-8F66BB6393E2MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – While Facebook fact-checkers Rappler and Vera Files were sleeping on the job, Inquirer fact-checked Vice President Leni Robredo who expressed alarm over China’s recent military activities in the South China Sea.  But she erroneously stated that a Chinese bomber landed in the area claimed by the Philippines.

The Chinese H-6K long-range bomber actually landed on Woody Island in the disputed Paracel Islands, which is quite far from the Philippines and is not claimed by the country. (The Chinese-occupied archipelago is actually claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan.)

It was an “Oops” moment as headlined by the Inquirer.

As a result of this gaffe, Robredo fired her spokesperson Georgina Hernandez for feeding her with the fake information.  Most of Robredo’s public statements are scripted by Hernandez and her team of propagandists. (It’s the same reason that after reading a prepared statement recently, Robredo, when asked by a reporter to answer an unscripted question, replied, “Walang nang question. Merienda na lang.”

Ironically, the Robredo has recently waged an offensive against people, including journalists, who she says are purveyors of fake news.



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