Adobo Chronicles’ One-On-One Interview With Incoming Senate President Tito Sotto

35DDFE7D-46BE-4550-AEF4-5AACFD37455DMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Tito Sotto is expected to take over the reins as Senate President on Monday, replacing Koko Pimentel.

The Adobo Chronicles sat down with Sotto for an exclusive interview this morning.  Here’s the full transcript:

AC: Congratulations on becoming the next Senate President

Sotto:  Salamat.  Sino naman ako para tumanggi?

AC: How did the decision to designate you as Senate President come about?

Sotto: Wala. Naano lang.

AC: You realize that as Senate President, you are third in line in the Presidential succession.

Sotto: OO nga eh.  Kung di lang diyan kay Leni Robredo, second in line sana ako.

AC: What are your plans and your vision as Senate President?

Sotto:  Di pa namin napag-usapan nila Vic at Joey.

AC: Are you going to deliver an acceptance speech in the Senate Chambers?

Sotto:  Sure thing.  I’m just waiting for clearance from the Kennedy Center, just to make sure nothing in my speech is plagiarized.

(End of Interview)


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